The rhythm of harmony

From 4,935.00 RSD

For all the ladies

From 5,287.50 RSD

Sunset energy

From 5,522.50 RSD

ROSE - Queen of flowers

From 5,875.00 RSD

Royal lilies

From 6,110.00 RSD

Flowers of Happiness

From 6,345.00 RSD

Green, I love you green!

From 6,462.50 RSD

Classic is trendy

From 6,462.50 RSD

Joyful Basket

From 6,580.00 RSD


From 6,580.00 RSD

For your little girl

From 6,697.50 RSD

Perfect gift

From 6,815.00 RSD

Recipe for Love

From 6,932.50 RSD

Energy bouquet

From 7,167.50 RSD

Roses are red…

From 7,167.50 RSD

Let's celebrate together

From 7,402.50 RSD

Pure Serenity

From 7,402.50 RSD

Orange Roses

From 7,402.50 RSD


7,750.00 RSD

Floral Harp

From 7,755.00 RSD

Prosecco Party

From 7,755.00 RSD

I am enchanted by you!

From 8,107.50 RSD

Red like Joy

From 8,107.50 RSD

Perfect gift of love

From 8,225.00 RSD

Thinking about you

From 8,225.00 RSD

Women's Day

From 8,460.00 RSD

Perfect love

From 8,460.00 RSD

Friendship tree

From 8,577.50 RSD

Box with field flowers

From 8,812.50 RSD

"Teleflora Flower Basket"

From 8,918.25 RSD

Basket of flowers

From 9,035.75 RSD

Floral and Joyful Mood

From 9,047.50 RSD

The Nature of a Woman

From 9,165.00 RSD


From 9,388.25 RSD

Basket of white flowers

From 9,635.00 RSD

A gift for my sweety

From 9,752.50 RSD

Flower magic

From 9,870.00 RSD

Green XXL flower bouquet

From 11,280.00 RSD

Magic Tree

From 11,515.00 RSD

Yellow roses in a basket

From 11,515.00 RSD

Pure Hedonism

From 11,620.75 RSD

Share the Joy

From 12,000.00 RSD

Purple clouds

From 12,100.00 RSD

Symbol of uniqueness

From 12,455.00 RSD

Sunny and warm

From 13,042.50 RSD

Teleflora basket of flowers

From 13,395.00 RSD

Seduce me gently

14,687.50 RSD

For rose lovers

From 15,040.00 RSD

Magical moment

15,745.00 RSD

Red roses

From 16,332.50 RSD

For Remembrance

From 17,037.50 RSD

Classic is IN

17,155.00 RSD

101 Red & white Roses

From 32,665.00 RSD

I love youuuu !!!

36,660.00 RSD

101 white blossoms

37,600.00 RSD

Seduce me

From 39,127.50 RSD

101 in a Ceramic Pot

From 41,712.50 RSD

Teddy Bear in Shade

From 42,887.50 RSD

Always IN

48,762.50 RSD

101 with Teddy Bear

From 54,755.00 RSD

My Sweet Heart

From 88,007.50 RSD
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